Thursday 16 June 2011

Elective (nearly)

It's going to be an interesting few weeks I think. I'm heading to the country of my woman and her kin to spend a month in paediatrics in July. Hooray!

The pros :
1) Kids are awesome
2) Change of scene after 6 months straight placement here
3) If I help feed the babies, I get to cuddle the babies
4) I mentioned that I was disabled when trying to negotiate hours, and the administrator replied offering to sort me out a permit for disabled parking as the staff car park is up steps, without being asked! Miraculous!
5) I get to meet more of my lovely partner's lovely friends
6) Extra paeds practice before finals, and the chance to fit in some ob/gyn maybe, which I haven't covered yet
7) Daft cat gets to come too
8) I get to blow bubbles on placement without getting funny looks (purely for the kids' entertainment you understand)

The cons :
1) [redacted by my future self]
2) We will be travelling heavy, as daft cat can't just be tucked in a bag or something ;)
3) We end here on Friday afternoon, and start there (~8 hours journey away) on Monday morning
4) Little patients puke up on you more than growed up patients
5) The mrs gets her extroverted nature from her folks, and they always seem to worry that little introverted me is sad, when I'm just being

The pros have it I guess! I'm curious to see how a different (but still NHS) trust / hospital handles disabled staff. I imagine it'll be pretty much the same - good/bad/buttugly.

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