Monday 27 June 2011


I'm really tired.

Over the last year I have watched in horror as the government systematically removes money from the very people and groups who most need it. I have sat here in my flat watching twitter, and the news while thousands gather to protest, because I could not be there myself. I have read story after story of people who will be left with no way forward, with no independence, in poverty and isolation, with worse care - medical and personal. People whose future are swathed in uncertainty.

I have done a bit - I have joined in every online campaign that I've heard about and I've spread the word a bit among some of my friends about what it is that's happening. I have done a bit, but others have given everything that they possibly could have. I have been following the blogs of Sue Marsh and Kaliya Franklin, and I would ask you to read this tonight. These ladies don't have reserves right now, they need more people to join them in saying that this cannot happen in our name. This cannot happen to us - to our partners, our friends, our families. This cannot happen.

I can't do any more right now. I am too tired, and and what I have left I need for doing battle with the med school so that this isn't so tough for the next person. I have posted this here, and I have sent it to my MP. Please show Sue's post to one other person, post it on your blog or facebook, send it to your MP. It's really important. Please read up about what the government's plans will mean - The Broken of Britain is a good place to start.

This is already having a real, and serious impact on people's lives. If it hasn't affected you yet, it will. There is no time left for waiting. Do something, tonight.

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