Monday 25 July 2011

Just Checking In


Just a quick message to say that I'm sorry not to bring you the promised post tonight. I haven't forgotten you, but I've managed to have a fracture-dislocation of my rib today so spent the afternoon in A and E and the evening feeling a bit vulnerable and emotional. Tomorrow's post will be about starting to run, as promised, and also be a bit of a news round up of various disability and NHS stories that have caught my eye.


  1. Youch, poor you. Take care of yourself... much vegan chocolate needed (guessing wine and pain-killers don't mix...)

  2. Sorry to hear that - hope you're feeling better soon. I agree with Robyn, definitely a time for some chocolate!

  3. =) thanks guys. it's starting to feel a wee bit better - the muscles aren't spasming so much which helps. chocolate is the best pain killer...