Wednesday 7 September 2011


Beanie has just explained less-than-fulltime stuff to me in a way that makes actual sense. Gogocaptainbrainfog. (Although it does seem that to do so has required a more sensible website than any I managed to find on my own.) It looks like we've made our decision, despite the best efforts of the med school to confuse everything. We link applications, go where the wind blows us, hope it's our home deanery so that we have a support network to do this thing, and I apply for less-than-fulltime and hope that wherever I end up is a flexible as it sounds they can be.

Please remind me of this very sensible, and not all that complicated plan the next time I have a meltdown*?

I will aim to return to less panic-stricken, more on-topic posts in the next few days, everything being as it is. Although what with the imminent dissolution of the NHS and the welfare state, there is no guarantee that on-topic posts will be any more relaxing.

*All forecasts seem to indicate 7.30am tomorrow when I'm about to leave for placement.

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