Wednesday 14 December 2011


Edit : I realise a lot of you will have no idea in hell what I'm going about. The Welfare Reofrm Bill is at the report stage in the HoL and they've been voting on some amendments to the bill.

I *think* what we've just heard is this :

Ld Best's amendment 12
Page 5, line 2, after “credit” insert “, subject to subsection (3A),”

goes in here like this
The calculation of an award of universal credit "subject to subsection (3A)" is to include an amount in respect of any liability of a claimant to make payments in respect of the accommodation they occupy as their home.

And amendment 14 adds this to 3A (which the award of UC is now subject to)
In relation to a dwelling of which the landlord is a local housing authority or a registered provider of social housing, regulations under this section shall not permit the housing cost element of the universal credit to be less than the actual amount of the liability in a case where a household has no more than one spare bedroom.”

Which I think means that social tenants can't be penalised for having 'no more than one' spare room.


  1. But disabled people were mentioned specifically???

  2. Disabled people were mentioned specifically in one of the amendments that was withdrawn (13). Unless amendment 14ZZA specifically mentioned DP - it was passed, but the wording isn't anywhere online.