Thursday 12 January 2012

Emailling peers

We can crowd source a bit of a plan in the comments =]

I'm thinking an email needs to include :

- thank-you to those who voted with Patel yesterday

- expression of concern over Freud's funny business last night

- a mention of the Spartacus Report and encouragement to those who haven't to properly read it before DLA/PIP votes (we will include a link to the report which is here even thought they should all have a copy)

- why DLA reform is bad, the basics (we could use this letter as inspiration)

- any personal stories / messages folk want to add

On this link there is a list of peers which links to an info page which has their email address on it if they have one. We could split them alphabetically, by party etc so that people don't have too many to email each?


  1. Do we do blanket E-mail or send individual e-mails like with Spartacus Report. Do we send 3 different e-mails to those that were content, not content and abstained. Can we argue Lord Freud brought the house into disrepute last night.

  2. I would suggest that we send the same email to each, but address them individually, so their name is at the top (does that make sense?). We can split according to content / not content / abstentions, might not be a bad idea - the email wouldn't have to e that different except that some of them get thanked ;)

    I wouldn't go so far as to say disrepute, but I think we can definitely say that we're concerned at him playing political games over such a significant bill.

  3. I'll do some -not sure I'm up to wording a letter thought

  4. Will try and get an email template and split the list of peers into tchunks this afternoon or tonight =]

  5. I'm very happy to do some e-mailing, though again not up to sorting out wording. Flo: thank you. :-) Presume if I keep an eye on this post and blog, there will be updates with content etc.?

  6. patricia (lightacandle)12 January 2012 at 14:03

    Happy to send a load out if required - will keep calling here and do whatever asked to whomever you want.

  7. Thanks all, wording will be up hopefully by 9 (busy day) but I'll keep you updated =]

  8. I will email too we have to keep the pressure on!!

  9. kb32904 (parrotkeeper)12 January 2012 at 16:16

    Very happy to email because we just can't leave all the work to a handful of people.
    Lets spread the load & help each other :)

  10. The template is available here : leave a comment if you want me to assign you some peers to pester =]