Saturday 14 January 2012

Keeping my head above the water

My blog's been rather busy with welfare reform stuff recently, as has a lot of my life.

I am simultaneously doing not very well and alright. It's always the way isn't it - the balance just shifts around between one and the other.

The good :
- Wonderful family, friendships and crip solidarity
- Wedding is coming up rather soon now, and there are lots of lovely things to do like buying a pretty dress and sampling cake
- New wheelchair very much more awesome than old wheeelchair
- Just potentially been offered a powerchair if I can find somewhere to store it
- Am already starting to feel my fatigue lifting a bit as the days get longer
- Feel like I've got my Dad back - spent a lot of time with him over Christmas and things are so much better than they have been for ages
- Got lots of new socks for Christmas so my feet are super happy
- Have gone gluten free and my tummy is now super happy
- Got a beautiful sewing machine and learning how to use it
- Dysautonomic (fainty) symptoms better in cold weather
- Driving still going surprisingly well (theory test soon, eek!)

The bad :
- Really needing to change GP still, but worrying that I'll never find a decent one
- As a consequence DLA form still not submitted, putting up with some horrible symptoms and feeling altogether like there is noone managing my care
- Not able to keep up with hydrotherapy exercises because of access problems to council pools so losing function again
- Sometimes feel quite isolated partly because there are only a couple of days in a week when I see someone who isn't Beanie, partly because I've been helping with a pretty intense campaign, but all online - this is why face-to-face crip solidarity is so improtant to me at the moment
- My joints bloody hate the cold, and I've just gone into my extra bendy fortnight

The anxiety provoking :
- Still no real word from the medical school
- As a consequence not really having any clue about how next year will work - or indeed if it will work

There is a lot going on. Will try and post on topic soon.

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