Thursday 22 November 2012

Yummy Soft Food

This is a list of soft foods I like and can tolerate. I'm posting it for a lovely friend who has what is technically described as a 'buggered jaw' and a grumpy stomach, but I hope it might be relevant for some other folk too.

Disclaimer : we receive a shocking lack of nutritional teaching at medical school. This is a list of foods I can tolerate as a person with chewing/swallowing/digestion problems. Your body will probably vary. I do know that a varied diet is better nutritionally, and that when we have dietary restrictions we easily fall into ruts of safe food. I started this list to help myself eat a varied diet within my limitations.

breakfast cereal softened in milk
tofu scramble / scrambled eggs
pancakes/french toast (softened with syrup)
hash browns / potato smiles
baked beans / spaghetti hoops
garlic mushrooms
smoothies (I make thicker ones I can eat with a spoon)
porridge (I stir chocolate peanut butter through mine) - the microwave/instant varieties are better because the oats are more broken up and therefore easier to swallow/digest

I tend to make soups with less thinning liquid than other folk because my tummy prefers it that way

minestrone with tiny pasta
laksa (like thai red curry but soupier)
sweetcorn chowder
tomato and basil
butternut squash and coconut
noodle-y soup
yellow split pea
sweetcorn broth with tofu and scallions (chicken and sweetcorn soup rip off)
carrot and coriander

(okay, this is now just a list of my favourite soups...)

Main Course
mashed potato/shepherds pie
(can add in other root veg for variety/nutrition e.g. swede, carrots)
jacket potato or sweet potato with butter/hummus/baked beans/spaghetti hoops (tuna mayo also)
lentil daal/chili with rice
mushroom/squash risotto
stew and dumplings (fork soft veggies)
veggie burgers/bean burgers/veggie fingers/nut roasts (I imagine fish cakes would be similar)
stuffing (and gravy!)
avocado. with everything.
well cooked pasta (none of this al dente business) chopped up with :
- bolognaise
- pesto
- butternut squash and sage
- blended tomato and veggie sauce
- carbonara (still have to perfect tasty vegan version of this)
rice noodles with tofu and tasty sauce (e.g. sweet and sour)
tofu fried rice (vegan version of egg fried rice)
sandwiches (thin bread slices, plenty of filling = softer)
- hummus
- avocado (current food obsession)
- veggie burgers / veggie fingers
- scrambled tofu
- garlic mushrooms
- nut butter and jam / banana
- pasta sauce
- daal
- butter and jam / marmite
- (vegan) cheese and pickle - the burger slices make softer sandwiches

baby food fruit/puddings
canned pears/peaches
dip small pieces of soft fruit e.g. bananas, pears, melon, strawberries into melted chocolate
rice pudding
apple crumble/stewed fruit
cake/biscuit softened in milk
ice cream/sorbet/custard/yoghurt
marzipan/marshmallows (and meringues, one entirely un-veganisable food!)
suck-y sweets

Please add your favourites in the comments (I welcome non-vegan suggestions to help non-vegans who may be reading this - I didn't have the same eating needs pre-vegan so I can't really think of many suggestions!)


  1. Qualiflower surprise - can do the cauli very soft in a cheese/white sauce add other soft veg i put in bacon lardons but remove thise for this. the key inregedient is smoked paprika it works so well with the cauliflower nom. (can make vegan white sauce with soya milk and corn flour)


    roasted aubergine curry - dry fry the aubergines first then leave for 10 - 15 mins when you out them in the tamatoe based curry they go all soft and scrummy. its a madhur jaffry recipe

    Banana flakes - we bbq these on holiday - leabe the bananae in the skin - slit it down the middle insert chcolate of choice - cover with foil put in a hot oven for 10 - 15 mins (i do it if im cookig other stuff) and once all soft and gooey eat it straight out of the skin yum


    fruit jellies

    apple charlotte - stewed apple with cake ontop with end up with a soft cakey delight (stew the apples and make a think cake batter - spoon batter on top of cake and bake for 20 mins til cake is cooked in a 180 degree oven

    Suet puddings again can use veggie suet. the pastry is extra soft from the gravy and can add what ever filling you like from veg to meat

  2. - do pureed and soft ready meals. They make a pureed cheese sandwich taste like a cheese sandwich. I'm also a big fan of their sweet potato mash (I don't like normal mash).

  3. Thank you - very helpful because I am looking after my Mother who has has major tooth surgery and I didn't know what to make for her :)