Thursday 10 January 2013

Plodding along

Just a brief update for those who follow my medical happenings here. Final year is hard going physically and emotionally. I am on my final placement before exams just now and I still don't have any of my DSA funding/equipment in place. Working/studying fulltime is exhausting, but won't be for much longer.

I'm scared about finals in a vague way. Scared more about my body falling apart than of screwing up academically. I can't manage to study for infinite hours in the day, but I don't think that's a bad thing. After a certain point passing finals is about practice and holding your nerve rather than stuffing your fit to burst. Well, that's what the folks who've already done them tell me!

I would say I'm please to be approaching the end of all the disability nonsense in the med school, but I don't anticipate work being any better to be honest.

My dysautonomia has been more problematic. I don't know if that's fatigue or progression, but I've been having 'attacks' of very severe symptoms that are quite scary and horrible. On the up side a gastro is finally looking into the nausea.

This is not a chirpy post, but it's where I'm at just now. I'm very tired, but still going just about.