I'm Flo*, a part time junior doctor (currently medical FY1) in Scotland. I live with my lovely wife Beanie and our daft cat.

My special interests at work are geriatrics, chronic illness management and access to healthcare for minority groups. In the past I have done placements with homeless health services and I am currently reading everything I can find on the healthcare needs of older LGBT folk.

I spend a lot of time at home alone, resting and recovering. On sofa days I enjoy twitter (@disabledmedic), reading, netflix, crochet and taking courses on coursera.org. The internet has been my lifeline through all of this, allowing me human contact when I am too ill to leave the house and helping me to connect with others living in similar situations.

I am learning to live a good life in the company of complex chronic illness armed with my rainbow pillbox, purple compression stockings and green wheelchair. My condition affects my joints, nervous system, heart and digestive tract. I take 30 or more doses of medication each day and will never be able to work full time. As is common in those living with chronic illness, I also have mental health problems.

Here I offer thoughts on life at both ends of the stethoscope.

*Pseudonymous as I would like my impairment and sexuality to not be the first thing that shows up on google for future employers. Happy to provide full name and GMC number on request. You can contact me here : disabledmedic[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk. Not offering medical advice - you have your own doctor for that. Any patients referred to are anonymised composites - my thoughts and reactions to their stories are genuine. Comments welcome, although I will delete hate speech.