Monday 10 October 2011

Week 1 in summary

I spent last week sleeping a lot, listening to old BBC Ouch podcasts, live tweeting * the committee stages of the Welfare Reform Bill in the House of Lords at #wrb, reading a most interesting book about the intersection of queer and crip theory, making sure the new-and-beautiful wheelchair has in fact been ordered, eating a lot of cake, defrosting the freezer twice and consequently shopping around for a new one online, darning my socks (no joke), hopping around the blogosphere adding to my blog reader, making a giant to-do list of all the bits and bobs I have to sort out this year and making another to-do list of lovely things I could do this year (which so far includes visiting lovely best friend often, learning to make good bread, making some pretty craft / sewing things and learning some BSL).

In short, I've had a week of holiday. Want to know the best bit? This week is a week of holiday as well! After that I'll be getting on with that giant to-do list...

*live tweeting = tweeting what happens as it happens, in this case because so many welfare reform campaigners are unable to access the video feed (for example folk who are D/deaf/HoH, folk whose internet doesn't do streaming, folk who find it hard to follow what's happening because of fatigue etc).

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