Sunday 30 June 2013

Starred Items

Just made my way through my Google Reader starred items, in time for its demise tomorrow.

It was quite emotional.

The posts about medicine that capture the essence and the art of it.
The post written to me when I was at my very lowest point.
The posts that taught me it was alright to be myself - disabled, queer, fat, female.
The posts that taught me that it is so much more that alright to be myself.

The post announcing the start of my minister's journey with cancer.
The post celebrating the end of her chemo.

The posts that introduced me to amazing disability equipment.
The post that led me to my bright purple compression stockings.
The posts that capture my faith in words (and pictures).
The post announcing the arrival of my beloved kittycat.
The post from the blog that's no longer updated.
The post from the blog I stopped following.
The posts that help me to be a better ally to my trans and BME friends and patients.
The post with the gif of the tiny kitten that jumps up on the bed and boops him on the nose.
The posts that made me laugh.
The posts that made me pray.
The posts that made me rage, cry, learn, think.

I'm sitting here thinking about all the blogs I've followed over the years. Thankful for the window into people's lives, thankful for the chance to share important ideas, thankful for the silliness, thankful for the community. Hoping that those who're now longer updating are doing well.


  1. A very interesting list of starred items... I have a set of RSS feeds and a set of bloggy bookmarks that get reviewed periodically, and I always find that quite moving too.

    Hope you will keep blogging into tomorrow's tomorrow, Dr Flo.

    R xxx

  2. I love a good blog! There's something about the format that suits me and I love spending a few days reading all the way back through the archives of someone whose writing I like =]